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Manuscript Editing Services

August 26, 2013

jpon_mug_2014-2x3x96Developmental Editing

Thank you for visiting my site. As a writer, as well as an editor, I understand the time and passion writers invest in their manuscripts, and how difficult it can be to open that writing to criticism. That’s why I believe in creating a literary relationship with my clients—one in which we work together to achieve a finished manuscript that truly communicates the writer’s intent, and has the potential to be published.

This also means I won’t take on just anyone’s writing. I only accept clients after performing a careful (and free) evaluation of a writing sample, and speaking personally with the writer to determine his or her writing philosophy and goals.

My editing approach has been developed through many years of working as a writer, and with writers. It is focused on understanding the work under consideration and how best to improve it. I don’t make your prose conform to my preferred style or an artificial standard of style or taste. Instead I am most concerned with what you want to say in your work and see my job as helping you to say it, while still keeping it yours.

I am a well-published writer with many professional credits. Currently I am the Publisher and Fiction Editor of Tahoma Literary Review, a paying literary journal. I have worked professionally in many writing capacities, including Book Review Editor for the The Los Angeles Review literary journal. I’ve lived in New York, southern California, Michigan, and currently reside in western Washington, which I believe gives me a broad perspective regarding life and culture, as well as literature. I have a thorough understanding of the writing business, which helps my clients shape their projects into publishable material.


I have been mentoring writers and teaching classes in fiction for several years. I truly enjoy working with writers to help them discover their strengths and improve their weaknesses, and build their confidence through a deep understanding of what makes writing successful.

In teaching, I combine examples of masters like Joyce and Chekhov with works by contemporary writers who define the current literary field, and help students explore the nuances of story, character, setting, theme and much more.

Please use the links at right for more specific information about me and how I work. You can also visit my blog at for greater insight as to how I think about writing.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a project, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.