How I Review Manuscripts

I can provide two types of in-depth of critiques for your manuscript: A general literary evaluation and a detailed copyedit.

General Literary Evaluation

I will always give you a detailed evaluation. This will generally be ten or more pages long. I appreciate the trust you show in me by submitting your work, and I consequently make every attempt to fully justify that trust. I do not use “form” responses, nor do I simply provide one-page summaries. The evaluation will address structure (plot, organization), tone (style, consistency), and development (character, story, theme), according to your genre. I also spend a significant amount of time examining the writer’s intent and how it has been executed. The critique will discuss what’s good about your work, as well as what needs additional attention and development.

Once we have identified the areas of your manuscript that need revision, we can work to lay out a plan and timeline to address them. Then I will continue to advise you through the rewriting process.

As the process nears completion, I will also make suggestions regarding marketing your manuscript to agents and/or publishers. This includes advice on specific agents and agencies, and help with your written and verbal pitches.

I produce a general evaluation first, and delay copyediting until revisions have been made, since the changes to the manuscript would require another copyedit.

Detailed Copyediting

You can if you prefer, choose copyediting services only. In that case I will not critique your manuscript for literary merit, but will only suggest editing changes. These will be detailed fully on the pages of your manuscript using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, so you can accept them one by one, or in bulk.

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