Fees and Submissions

Manuscript Fees and Submission Requirements


Novels, Novellas, Non-Fiction Books:
The fee to edit a book-length work varies depending on the number of pages and my assessment of the amount of time and effort necessary to guide you in making it a publishable manuscript. Generally, the cost falls in a range from $900 to $1500. The fee is negotiable, and I am willing to work with writers of limited incomes on a sliding scale.


Short Stories, Articles, Essays, Chapters: $65 per hour.


Mentoring: $75 per hour (negotiable, based on a free consultation). My literary teaching style and philosophy relies on the criticism of James Wood, Zadie Smith, David Shileds, Gordon Lish, and other authors who espouse a more muscular style of writing, which often crosses the fiction/nonfiction divide, and avoids sentimentality.


Contact me to discuss the individual requirements you have according to your book and market.

Please note:

  • For longer works such as novels and books, I first request a few sample chapters to determine if I’ll be able to adequately help your writing. This initial review is free.
  • Time spent on developmental editing typically falls within 5-10 pages per hour, depending on how much editing is necessary.
  • Payment for services is done according to a fee schedule to which we have both agreed.


Submission Requirements and Suggestions:

  • Electronic submissions are preferred. This allows me to use the Comments and Track Changes functions in Word, so you can see each item individually. I generally use Comments to list thoughts and notes about a manuscript while I develop my overall evaluation. Track Changes allows you to review all copyedits before accepting them. For hard copy submissions, edits are noted on the copy itself and you must manually input them.
  • Double space all pages.
  • Margins of at least 1 inch on all sides
  • Standard font: 12 point Times or Times Roman. Please, no Courier!
  • If you are submitting a full length work, a novel or novella, I will ask for a 20-30 page sample (preferably the first 20-30 pages), and conduct a free assessment, from which I can determine your needs and our ability to work together.
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